Courses in Agri-Business

Introduction to U. S. Pork Production

SWPR 1000     2.00 Credits
Course Outline
This course will provide an overview and introduction to the current U.S. Pork Industry. The course will cover industry trends and statistics, production systems, ethical production principles, Good Production Practices (GPP), and support systems. The course will also focus on health concerns, alternative production systems, production records and financial analysis. Additionally, a discussion on meat quality and consumer issues related to food safety and animal welfare will be addressed. Current industry issues related to the Show and Seed Stock businesses will be covered as well. (Prerequisites None)

Swine Artificial Insemination

SWPR 1050     1.00 Credits
Course Outline
This course is designed to teach the fundamental principles of livestock genetics in a practical manner. This course covers the study of the equipment necessary for artificial insemination in swine. Principles involved in heat detection, boar training, semen collection, semen evaluation, commercial semen, insemination, recordkeeping, and clean up procedures will all be addressed in this course. (Prerequisite: None)

Swine Breeding Stock Management

SWPR 1200     3.00 Credits
Course Outline
This course will provide a comprehensive study of the swine breeding herd. It will focus on the technical aspects of the breeding, gestation, and farrowing departments in a swine operation. Topics include the conditioning, care and management of gilts, sows and boars, breeding schedules, breeding methods, stock replacement, herd integration, replacement strategies, gestation management, Lactation management, reproductive health considerations, and care of piglets prior to weaning. (Prerequisite: None)

Nursery Finish Management

SWPR 1300     3.00 Credits
Course Outline
This course covers the requirements of the growing and finishing phases of swine to maximize production and efficiency. An overview of the technical and theoretical aspects of nursery, grower and finishing stages will be covered in this course. Production efficiency will be emphasized, as well as the humane treatment of animals. The discussion of social stress, nutritional stress and housing requirements will be included as well. The course will also cover scheduling of facilities, animal marketing, environmental considerations, animal observations and proper animal husbandry skills. (Prerequisites: None)

Swine Diseases

SWPR 1500     2.00 Credits
Course Outline
This course is a review of all common swine diseases in relation to their economic significance, symptoms, transmission, prevention, and treatment. This course will consist primarily of disease prevention and the means required to promote productive livestock production. Some time will be spent on the analyzing of specific diseases, describing symptoms and treatment. Artificial immunization and sanitation and how they can be used for specific diseases will be covered. (Prerequisites: None)

Swine Records and Analysis

SWPR 2000     3.00 Credits
Course Outline
This course covers recordkeeping systems for wide range of swine enterprises with an emphasis on interpretation, terms, and accuracy factors. Swine record use and analysis to maintain efficient productivity in all aspects of the swine enterprise is stressed. Computerized record systems are compared and students have an opportunity to utilize PigChamp or Pigcare record information, as well as other computerized records in swine production systems. Students will explain industry benchmarks and factors that impact obtaining business production goals. (Prerequisites: None)