Courses in Marketing

Sales Management

MGT 2800     3.00 Credits
Course Outline
This course is designed to provide the student with an opportunity to apply concepts and competencies gained from their academic studies. Training plans that are competency-based will be developed. (Prerequisites: MKT 1800)

Retail Management

MGT 2810     3.00 Credits
Course Outline
This course focuses on the changing demographics of retail marketing, the growth of new retail formats and the use of information technology to enable quick responses to market dynamics through customer service, vendor-retailer partnering and employee diversity. (Prerequisites: None)

Introduction to Management Information Systems

MGT 2820     3.00 Credits
This course is an introduction to management information systems (MIS) and involves the interactions between technology and business practices. The course involves the planning, organizing and controlling of information technologies related to organizational objectives. Specific attention will be given to database management with a focus on contact management. The course also involves the use of spreadsheet applications, collaborative tools, and other technologies utilized in the business environment. (Prerequisites: None)

Retail Operations

MGT 2830     3.00 Credits
This course focuses on the components of retail operations and design. Retail design includes the necessary use of display for the effective visual presentation of goods and services. Opportunities will be provided to utilize the principles and techniques that are common to display work in various types of businesses. Emphasis will be placed on design, color, tools, materials and installation of displays. Topics include: design principles, color principles, tools and materials of the trade, props and fixtures, lighting and signing, installation of displays, store planning and safety.