Courses in Medical Assistant

Medical Assisting Orientation

MA 1000     3.00 Credits
Course Outline
This course covers an overview of the healthcare team and the role of the medical assistant in an ambulatory care setting. Emphasis is on professionalism, communication, attitude, behaviors, and duties in the medical environment. (Pre/Corequisites: None)

Medical Office Procedures

MA 1020     3.00 Credits
Course Outline
This course will review administrative duties that are performed by a medical assistant. Emphasis will be on clerical functions, bookkeeping procedures, insurance claims, professional communications, medical coding, legal concepts, medical office operational functions including written and electronic. (Prerequisite: Acceptance into one of the following programs: Medical Assisting, Health Unit Coordinator, or Administrative Office Specialist - Medical)

Pharmacology for Medical Assistants

MA 2000     3.00 Credits
Course Outline
In this course students will learn topics essential for the Medical Assistant to thoroughly understand drug sources, herbs and supplements, legislation relating to drugs, drug references and drug classifications. Students will also gain knowledge in basic principles for administering different types of medications and the universal precautions and standards related to the role of a Medical Assistant. (Prerequisites: HC 1001, 1914, MA 2010)

Laboratory Skills for Medical Assistants

MA 2010     3.00 Credits
Course Outline
This course is designed to teach laboratory fundamentals of medical assisting in a clinical office setting. Students will learn aspects of standard precautions, laboratory safety, venipuncture, collection of patient specimens, perform CLIA waived laboratory testing along with identification of infectious agents. (Prerequisites: None)

Clinical Skills I

MA 2015     3.00 Credits
Course Outline
This course introduces skills utilized in a clinical setting for Medical Assistants. Using primary care as the framework students will apply their critical thinking skills and skills for assisting with health exams, obtaining vital signs, assisting with procedures and treatments within the ambulatory care setting. Infection control techniques will be studied and sued in the clinical setting. The student will discuss the MA role in emergency preparedness and use first aid procedures. (Corequisites: MA 2010)

Clinical Skills II

MA 2020     3.00 Credits
Course Outline
This course builds on the skills obtained in Clinical Skills I for Medical Assistants. Using medical specialties as the framework students will utilize their critical thinking skills to learn specific health testing, procedures and treatments in medical specialty departments within the ambulatory care setting (Prerequisites: MA 2015)

Radiography Skills for Medical Assistants

MA 2030     3.00 Credits
Course Outline
This course is a comprehensive look at the skills and process needed to obtain a limited scope of practice certificate in radiography. Students will learn information regarding, radiation protection, image production and evaluation, equipment operation and quality control, patient care and education, as well as radiographic procedures for each anatomical region. (Prerequisites: HC 1000, 1914)

Medical Assistant Internship

MA 2040     5.00 Credits
Course Outline
Students will engage in a non paid medical assisting internship within an ambulatory health care setting. In actual work situations, students will perform administrative and clinical competencies. Administrative competencies may include and are not limited to, clerical functions, performing bookkeeping tasks and scheduling appointments. Clinical competencies may include and are not limited to, specimen collection, diagnostic testing and patient care. Students will participate in mandatory campus meetings where the student will learn job search and interview techniques along with participation in test preparation for their National Certification Exam. (Prerequisites: MA 2000, 2020)