Courses in Health

Medical Terminology

HLTH 1000     1.00 Credits
This course teaches students to recognize and build medical terms after learning the meaning of word parts. The course is based on a systems approach. Students also learn how to interpret and use common medical abbreviations and symbols. With instructor approval, this course may be taken on independent study. (Prerequisite: None)


HLTH 1950     1.00 Credits
Course Outline
This course covers the skills of infant, child and adult single and two rescue CPR as well as relief of foreign body airway obstruction procedures for infant, child and adult. Automated external defibrillators, bag-valve-masks and pocket masks are also used. Signs and symptoms of vascular disease are discussed. This meets the current criteria of the American Heart Association guidelines. (Prerequisites: None)

First Aid

HLTH 1952     1.00 Credits
Course Outline
This course includes emergency care training for initial treatment of illness and injury. Patient assessment, bleeding control, shock management, soft tissue injury, orthopedic injury, diabetic problems, seizures, poisons, heat exposure and cold exposure are some of the topics covered in the course. This course is appropriate for anyone who may need to render immediate care. The topics covered do meet the course requirements for OSHA and MSHA first aid training.


HLTH 1954     1.00 Credits
Course Outline
This course includes basic OSHA safety standards. Hearing protection, eye protection, back injuries, lockout/tagout procedures, Hazard Communication Standard, bloodborne pathogens and substance use and abuse in the workplace are examples of topics covered in the course. The consequences of disregarding safety practices are explored. (Prerequisites: None)