Courses in Construction Field Supervision

Professional Practice

CFSU 1100     3.00 Credits
Obligations of a professional job superintendent. Emphasis on leadership, project standards, scope of work, and the construction plan including team organization, constructibility factors, phased construction, legal aspects of the owner-contractor relationship, communications, business writing and marketing. The value of schedule and planning ahead.

Introduction to Construction Field Supervision

CFSU 1120     1.00 Credits
This course provides an introduction to the roles and duties of construction field supervisors and managers and the various career opportunities available to construction graduates. Overview of academic preparation for successful completion of the Construction Field Supervision program. (Prerequisite: None)

Practicum: Materials & Methods

CFSU 1130     4.00 Credits
Introduction to building materials and basic methods of construction for wood construction technology. Introduction to computers and electronic tools for construction project supervision. Overview of concrete and masonry as they relate to building construction; emphasis on concrete and masonry uses, characteristics, limitations, equipment, methods of transportation, pouring, finishing, curing and testing procedures. Structural and precast. Overview of steel as it relates to building construction; emphasis on steel uses, characteristics, limitations, equipment, methods of transportation and erection. Analysis, selection, and delineation of steel structural components and systems in buildings. OSHA subpart R steel erection standard. (Prerequisite: None)

Print Reading/Construction Graphics

CFSU 1140     2.00 Credits
The course uses a variety of construction prints used in the construction industry. The use of the specifications and correlation to the different drawings. Strict focus on the architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, site plans among others. The students will also learn about process of completing drawings from concept to completion. (Prerequisites: None)

Construction Contract Documents

CFSU 1150     2.00 Credits
Overview of construction contract documents. Emphasis on safety culture, development of project manual, legal and ethical aspects, divisions of work, and role of the contractor in the final project. Communication and understanding jobsite rules, work procedures with subcontractor onsite foreman, and industry problems. (Prerequisites: None)

Building Codes

CFSU 1200     3.00 Credits
Survey of codes used in the construction industry including the International Residential Code, Minnesota Energy Code, and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Introduction to the International Building Code and other building codes used in the construction industry; emphasis on content and uses of the building code, definitions and general requirements; detailed study of relationship between occupancy groups, construction types, height and area requirements, and exit requirements. (Prerequisites: None)

Principles of Construction Supervision, Management, and Leadership

CFSU 1210     3.00 Credits
Leadership emphasis on team leadership, change management, delegation and team member learning and development. Management emphasis on interpersonal relationships, time management and organization, conflict management, communications, decision making and problem solving. Union vs. non-union, two gate systems, collective bargaining and AGC. (Prerequisites: None)

Basic AutoCAD

CFSU 1220     2.00 Credits
An introduction to AutoCAD software. This is a 2D computer-aided drafting course that encompasses a hands-on approach to techniques, uses, and methods of AutoCAD. (Prerequisites: None)

Construction Site Principles

CFSU 1230     3.00 Credits
Basic techniques and equipment used in surveying, sketches and proper field note taking, methods of staking out a building; locating center lines of piers and installation of batter boards. Emphasis on site preparation including large construction and excavation machinery, grading, underground utility installation.Organization strategies for effective job site coordination, safety and utilization of facilities. The use of safety and site security focusing on materials and site preparations for adverse weather conditions and deliveries. (Prerequisites: CFSU 1130, 1140, Instructor Consent)

Site Organization

CFSU 1240     2.00 Credits
Emphasis on organizing strategies for effective job site coordination, safety and utilization of facilities. The use of safety and site security focusing on materials and site preparations for adverse weather conditions and deliveries. (Prerequisites: CFSU1100, 1110, and 1130)

Construction Safety Management

CFSU 1250     3.00 Credits
Safety emphasis on loss and control management, strict focus on policies and procedures that govern the construction industry students will work directly with federal agencies. Creation of safety policies and procedures used in construction. (Prerequisite: None)

Construction Project Management and Administration

CFSU 2110     3.00 Credits
Management and administration techniques relevant to construction project organization, supervision, and inspection. Emphasis on communications systems, scope of work, contract documents, document control systems, dispute resolution, quality assurance, schedule management, fast tracking, mechanics lien, shop drawings, material procurement, and inspection of work. Leadership and management techniques relevant to construction project supervision. Major student project. (Prerequisites: None)


CFSU 2120     2.00 Credits
This course provides an introductory discussion of quantity takeoffs; labor, materials, equipment, and overhead costs; profit; and bidding strategies for construction projects. (Prerequisites: CFSU 1130, 1140, Instructor Consent)

Practicum: Construction Planning and Scheduling

CFSU 2130     4.00 Credits
Planning and scheduling of a construction project utilizing the critical path method (CPM). Emphasis on the integrated work plan, safety, quality, productivity, identification of construction operations, their dependencies and duration times. Major student project. (Prerequisites: None)

Computerized Construction Estimating

CFSU 2140     2.00 Credits
This course is specifically designed to be taken concurrently with the estimating class. The use of various software packages for cost data, materials costing, labor, and equipment estimating. Takeoff software also included the computer based software packages are the strict focus. (Prerequisites: CFSU 1130, 1140, Instructor Consent)

Practicum: Construction Field Supervision

CFSU 2200     4.00 Credits
Capstone project. Students will apply management and leadership skills to create a construction project supervision plan for a specific project. Emphasis on principles of management and leadership, materials and methods, project planning and scheduling, estimating, field engineering, project management and administration, risk management , cost management, safety management, and quality management. Major student project. (Prerequisites: CFSU 2120, 2130, 2140)

Construction Business Management

CFSU 2210     3.00 Credits
The emphasis on the construction organization and business practices. It includes managing cash flow, construction accounting and financial statements, financial analysis, business development, human resources, strategic planning, and information management. Introduction to construction law and practices used in the industry. (Prerequisite: CFSU 1210)


CFSU 2240     3.00 Credits
The internship/practicum involves a minimum of 100-hours of hands-on experience at a construction jobsite (s) dealing with a variety of issues relating to the management of a construction project. This course is designed to provide the student with a field experience to observe how procedures and/or policies are implemented and completed in construction environments. (Prerequisite: Instructor Consent)