Courses in American Indian Studies

Native American Perspectives

AIS 112     4.00 Credits
Course Outline
Native American Perspectives introduces students to writings about Native American life. Students will become acquainted with some myths and legends as well as contemporary literature. Students will also explore Native American culture, with a special emphasis on the environmental impacts of colonization. (Prerequisites: Must have a score of 78 or higher on the Reading portion of the Accuplacer test or completion of READ 0080 and READ 0090 with a grade of C or higher) (MNTC 7, 10: Human Diversity, People & the Environment)

Dakota Culture, History and Language

AIS 120     3.00 Credits
Course Outline
This course is an introduction to the language, history and culture of the Dakota nation. Students will gain cultural, historical, and sociological knowledge and understanding of the Dakota nation through readings, lectures, guest speakers, and media. Students will learn some basic Dakota language skills. Students will be encouraged to engage critically on historical and contemporary issues and be inspired towards activism as they participate in service learning opportunities within the Native population. Various outside resources will be brought in to explore the Dakota language. (MNTC Goal Areas 7: Human Diversity and 9: Ethical and Civic Responsibility) (Prerequisites: Accuplacer Reading Comprehension score of 78 or above or completion of READ 0090)