Courses in Agri-Business

Employer/Employee Relations

AGRI 1800     2.00 Credits
Course Outline
This course covers the principles of supervision and the factors of supervision as they relate to the goals of the business. Supervision problems with practical solutions will be emphasized. Personnel management techniques including determine personnel needs, finding and recruiting people, performance appraisals, training, promotions, legal issues, stress control and terminations will be included. Students will develop an employment portfolio. (Prerequisites: None)

Agricultural Technology Seminar

AGRI 2700     2.00 Credits
Course Outline
This seminar will provide students the opportunity to self-direct studies in agricultural technology in their areas of interest. Technologies to be considered could include but, are not limited to, plant protection, precision farming, application industries, livestock equipment, bio-technologies, financial resource management, sustainable agriculture, environmental impacts of agriculture, agricultural workforce, and agricultural production. Some organized events will be part of this course. The major emphasis will be self-directed learning. (AGEC 2400 or Instructor Permission)

Agribusiness Internship

AGRI 2780     1 - 9 Credits
Course Outline
This course is a cooperative educational program between the student, faculty and the internship site/business. Students will apply competencies gained from previous coursework into an agribusiness industry workplace. Specific tasks to be completed by the student and will be identified in an individual training plan developed by the student, faculty and internship supervisor. Each training plan is specific to the individual student and business enterprise where the student is employed. (Prerequisite: Instructor Permission)