Courses in Agri-Business

Agricultural Selling Skills

AGBS 1100     3.00 Credits
This course covers the basic and advanced principles and techniques used in selling agricultural merchandise and services. Agricultural Sales has taken on increased importance in recent years. The introduction of new products and services has magnified the need for technically competent knowledgeable sales personnel. Role-playing and advanced, in-depth sales presentations will be done in class. Students will also be required to make an industry visit and write appropriate letters. (Prerequisites: None)

Commercial Driver's License

AGBS 2015     1.00 Credits
This course covers the MN Department of Public Safety information relating to safe driving of commercial vehicles utilized in the agribusiness industry. Information concerning vehicle pre-trip inspection, air brakes, hazardous materials, endorsements, and safety information are covered. Testing information concerning the general knowledge test, air brakes test, hazardous materials test, and tanker test areas are also covered. (Prerequisites: None)

Agribusiness Financial Management

AGBS 2150     4.00 Credits
This course covers major aspects of agribusiness from financial management through financial problem solving, analysis, and planning. Students will apply economic and financial concepts by creating balance sheets, income statements, cash flows, inventory controls, and budgets. Students will have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in a computerized farm supply business simulation. Students will also develop management skills needed to be an effective agribusiness manager. (Prerequisites: AGEC 1100)

International Field Study

AGBS 2990     3.00 Credits
This international field study seminar introduces students to agricultural, food, and natural resource systems of other countries of the world. The course consists of two major components: a series of pre- and/or post-departure workshops and an in-depth short-term structured international experience within a host country or countries. Students gain global perspective through exposure to international history, cultures, and socio-economic situations of the country or countries visited. Students explore, compare, and contrast food, fiber, and fuel systems of the country or countries visited. (Prerequisites: None)

Individualized Study/Special Problems

AGBS 2995     1 - 6 Credits
This course allows the student to pursue special projects or areas of interest. The number of credits must be agreed upon by advisor/advisee prior to registration. (Prerequisites: Successful completion of two semesters of training or by special arrangement)