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College Readiness

NA 8003/NA 3803
Degree Description

For more information about who needs to take college readiness courses, please view the understanding accuplacer scores page.

Offered on the Faribault and North Mankato Campuses
The course requirements listed below are specific to the 2018-2019 school year. If you need to view the program from previous years view our Catalog Archive.

Reading Courses (2 Courses)

READ0080 Reading I (4 Credits)
READ0085 Reading and Critical Thinking I and II Modular (6 Credits)
READ0090 Reading and Critical Thinking II (4 Credits)

Writing Courses (2 Courses)

ENGL0080 English and Writing I (4 Credits)
ENGL0085 Writing and English I and II Modular (6 Credits)
ENGL0090 Writing and English II (4 Credits)

Math Courses (2 Courses)

MATH0075 Introductory Algebra (4 Credits)
MATH0085 Intermediate Algebra (4 Credits)
PLEASE NOTE: All program plans are preliminary and curriculum may change without notice. Your catalog of record may have different requirements.