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Mechatronics Engineering Technology Department Overview

Systems for Success
Today’s high tech manufacturing environment calls for individuals who can install and maintain a wide variety of computer-controlled systems, machinery and equipment. It was with this need in mind that South Central College created its Mechatronics program in 2009. The program provides comprehensive instruction and hands-on experience with Mechanical Systems (Mecha), Electronics (Tronics), Fluid Power, Automation and Robotics. Guided by instructors who have worked in the field, you will gain the skills required by today’s advanced manufactures. The program also incorporates nationally recognized certifications so you will have the credentials you need to demonstrate your skill level wherever your Mechatronics career takes you. 

The Mechatronics Program at South Central College Includes:

  • Physics
  • Electricity
  • Computer Applications
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Quality Concepts
  • Industrial Controls (PLC's)
  • Fluid Power
  • Robotics
  • Sensors and Controls

Core Competencies

  1. Work individually or in small teams to troubleshoot and repair mechatronics systems.
  2. Successfully complete a nationally recognized Mechatronics assessment such as those available from SkillsUSA, NOCTI or AMTEC.
  3. Build some portion of a Mechatronics system to the print specifications.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge and professional skills necessary to retain employment in related program field.

Department Faculty

Alex Goff,   Dean Hines,   Doug Laven