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Information Systems - Diploma

60 Credits
DIP 3276
Degree Description

This program is designed to prepare the learner for a career as a computer programmer, programmer/analyst, database programmer, database administrator, technical writer, technical support specialist, help desk specialist, web designer, web developer, webmaster, software or software tester. The learner will receive a solid background in the basic concepts of computer programming, web page development, web server application development, management and maintenance of web servers, and electronic commerce concepts. The learner will be exposed to major programming languages, systems analysis and software design, computer operating systems, and Internet services.

Degree Student Learning Outcomes
1. Design and code software applications using a variety of programming languages
2. Utilize and maintain relational databases
3. Use web application development tools
4. Apply current web server technologies

Admission Dates: Fall and Spring Semester

Offered on the North Mankato Campus
The course requirements listed below are specific to the 2019-2020 school year. If you need to see this program from previous years view our Catalog Archive.

Required Technical Courses (6 Courses)

Complete all of the following courses:
COMP1120 Foundations of Computing (4 Credits)
COMP1125 Spreadsheet/Database Integration (4 Credits)
COMP1130 Programming Fundamentals (4 Credits)
COMP1140 Web for Business (3 Credits)
COMP1200 PC Hardware and Software Essentials (4 Credits)
COMP1360 Introduction to Data Communications and Networking (4 Credits)

Technical Electives (5 Courses)

Choose 5 courses from the following list:
COMP2145 Web Programming (4 Credits)
COMP2150 Web Services (4 Credits)
COMP2300 Java (4 Credits)
COMP2312 Software Development (4 Credits)
GCC 1120 Graphic Software 1 (4 Credits)

Additional Technical Electives (2 Courses)

Choose two courses from the following:
COMP2200 IBM i5 (iSeries) Operating System (4 Credits)
COMP2205 RPG IV (iSeries) (4 Credits)
COMP2220 SQL/DB2 (4 Credits)
COMP2460 Linux Administration (4 Credits)
COMP2462 Microsoft Administration (4 Credits)
COMP2468 ( Credit)
COMP2475 Security Basics (4 Credits)

Required Capstone (2 Credits)

Complete 2 credits:
COMP2496 Capstone - Software Development (1 - 4 Credits)

Required Liberal Arts and Sciences (2 Courses)

Select the following courses:
ENGL100 Composition (4 Credits)
ENGL240 Technical Communication (4 Credits)
COMM110 Public Speaking (3 Credits)
COMM120 Small Group Communication (3 Credits)
COMM140 Interpersonal Communication (3 Credits)
PLEASE NOTE: All program plans are preliminary and curriculum may change without notice. Your catalog of record may have different requirements.