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Small Business Management - Diploma

39 Credits
DIP 2109/DIP 3121
Degree Description

The Small Business Management diploma provides a broad spectrum of education in the management of a small business. The curriculum focuses on strategic planning, record keeping, financial analysis, marketing and personnel management through the required classes. Additionally, elective classes allow the business owner or manager to focus on specific areas they feel are most important to their business.

Admission Dates: Fall, Spring, and Summer Semester

Offered on the Faribault and North Mankato Campuses
The course requirements listed below are specific to the 2017-2018 school year. If you need to view the program from previous years view our Catalog Archive.

Required Technical Courses (8 Courses)

Select all of the following courses:
SBMT1110 SBM Organizational Planning (2 Credits)
SBMT1120 SBM Business Systems (3 Credits)
SBMT1210 SBM Financial Systems (3 Credits)
SBMT1220 SBM Financial Management (3 Credits)
SBMT1230 SBM Financial Analysis (3 Credits)
SBMT1310 SBM Marketing Systems (2 Credits)
SBMT1320 SBM Marketing Management (2 Credits)
SBMT1410 SBM Personnel Systems (3 Credits)

Required Technical Course Electives (18 Credits)

You must complete 18 credits of electives from the following lists.
SBMT2130 SBM Record Keeping (3 Credits)
SBMT2131 SBM Asset & Inventory Management (2 Credits)
SBMT2132 SBM A/R & A/P Management (2 Credits)
SBMT2133 SBM Reconciliation & Closing Accounts (2 Credits)
SBMT2134 SBM Payroll Systems (3 Credits)
SBMT2135 SBM Payroll Reports (2 Credits)
SBMT2136 SBM Year End Closing (1 Credit)
SBMT2240 SBM Organizational Structure (1 Credit)
SBMT2241 SBM Financial & Tax Planning (2 Credits)
SBMT2242 SBM Risk Management (1 Credit)
SBMT2243 SBM Cost Analysis (2 Credits)
SBMT2244 SBM Pro-Forma Financial Statements (2 Credits)
SBMT2330 SBM Sales & Marketing Analysis (2 Credits)
SBMT2331 SBM Marketing Research (1 Credit)
SBMT2332 SBM e-Business Sales (2 Credits)
SBMT2333 SBM Customer Information Systems (1 Credit)
SBMT2334 SBM Customer Service (2 Credits)
SBMT2420 SBM Supervisory Skills 1 (2 Credits)
SBMT2421 SBM Supervisory Skills 2 (2 Credits)
SBMT2422 SBM Employee Compensation (2 Credits)
SBMT2531 SBM Business Communications (1 Credit)
SBMT2532 SBM Business Math (1 Credit)
SBMT2533 SBM Time Management Skills (1 Credit)
SBMT2534 SBM Stress Management Skills (1 Credit)
SBMT2610 SBM Computerization-Accounting (3 Credits)
SBMT2611 SBM Computerization-Sales & Marketing (3 Credits)
SBMT2612 SBM Computerization-Human Resources (3 Credits)
SBMT2700 SBM Going Into Business (3 Credits)
SBMT2900 SBM Special Projects (1 - 3 Credits)
PLEASE NOTE: All program plans are preliminary and curriculum may change without notice. Your catalog of record may have different requirements.