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Computer Careers Department Overview

Find the Right Computer Program
If you are thinking that a career in computers is for you, then South Central College has a great program for you. Our full-menu of computer career options is sure to provide you with just the right information technology education you’re looking for.

For decades, computer careers have provided high wages and low unemployment rates for tech-trained professionals. As a computer specialist, you will find opportunities in virtually any field that may be of interest to you including health care, entertainment and gaming, science and research labs.

At South Central College, you’ll have an opportunity to select the area of computer science that you want to specialize in. Our program flexibility offers the option to become a:

  • Computer programmer/analyst
  • Database programmer/administrator
  • Technical support specialist
  • Technical writer
  • Help desk specialist
  • Software tester
  • Network administrator
  • Database administrator
  • Web designer/developer

Hands-on training is provided on multiple platforms: Windows, Linux and Cloud environments. Within this framework, you will have the opportunity to learn current in-demand programming languages, software design skills, networking, and working with systems in the Cloud. Online classes and Web programming certification are also available to students.

While many South Central College computer career graduates go directly to work, some go on to pursue bachelor’s degrees in computerrelated

Economic Outlook

Region 2014 Jobs 2019 Jobs Growth % Average Hourly Beginning Wage Average AnnualBeginningWage
Regional 4881 5210 7% $19.50 $40,560
State 96,964 101,771 6% $21.43 $44,574
National 4,443,496 4,676,316 5% $22.28 $46,342

Computer Careers Core Coursework:

  • Foundations of Computing
  • Spreadsheet/Database Integration
  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Web fore Business
  • PC Hardware/Software Essentials
  • Data Communications
  • Networking

Department Faculty

Pawel Buda,   John Burns