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Administration of Child Care Programs - Advanced Certificate Course Descriptions

Principles of Management

MKT 1900    3.00 credits
Course Outline
This course will introduce the student to the responsibilities and roles of managers and supervisors. Course focus will be on topics related to the management functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Project management, the decision-making process, organizational structures and team skills will be explored. (Prerequisites: None)

Human Resource Management

MKT 1930    3.00 credits
Course Outline
This course focuses on human resource management issues. The course covers the techniques and legal aspects of recruiting, hiring, firing, promotion, documentation, evaluation and other areas essential to the personnel function. (Prerequisites: None)

Payroll Accounting

ACCT1814    3.00 credits
Course Outline
This course covers various state and federal laws pertaining to the computation and payment of salaries and wages. Topics include preparation of employment records, payroll registers, time cards, employee earnings records, and state and federal reports. In addition, we will explore setting up and maintaining a payroll system using Quickbooks. (Prerequisite: None)

Financial Accounting

ACCT1810    4.00 credits
Course Outline
This course covers the fundamental accounting concepts and principles which are used in a business environment. Topics include an introduction to accounting and business, completing the accounting cycle, inventories, internal controls, receivables, cash flow statements and financial analysis. (Prerequisites: None)

Managing Multiple Sites

CDEV2940    1.00 credits
Course Outline
This course will examine challenges unique to managing multiple sites. It provides practical information and tools to help managers close the communication gaps created by distance, and get peak performance from employees they don't see everyday. (Prerequisites: CDEV majors only)

Practicum Project

CDEV2990    1.00 credits
Course Outline
During this project you will gain a broad view of program quality in an early childhood setting from an organizational perspective, learn how to administer and score the Program Administration Scale, learn how to analyze the results of the PAS and structure program improvements based on these results. (Prerequisite: Instructor Approval)