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Child Development - Certificate Course Descriptions

Child Growth and Development

CDEV1210    3.00 credits
Course Outline
This course is the first in a series of courses that is required for a certificate, diploma, or degree in Child Development Careers. The course provides an overview of typical and atypical child development across cultures, from prenatal through school age. It includes physical, social, emotional, language, cognitive, aesthetic, and identity/individual development. This course integrates developmental theory with appropriate practices in a variety of early childhood care and educational settings. (Prerequisites: None)

Health, Safety & Nutrition

CDEV1220    3.00 credits
Course Outline
This course will guide the student in obtaining skills needed to establish and maintain a physically and psychologically safe and healthy learning environment for young children. Topics include preventing illness and accidents, handling emergencies, providing health, safety, and nutrition educational experiences, meeting children's basic nutritional needs, child abuse and, current health-related issues. This course does NOT include CPR or first aid certification. (Prerequisites: None)

Guiding Children's Behavior

CDEV1230    3.00 credits
Course Outline
This course examines positive child guidance techniques for individual and group situations. Emphasis on problem prevention and positive guidance strategies, communication, setting limits, problem solving and behavior modification. Examines ways to establish supportive relationships with children and guide them in order to enhance learning, development, and well-being. (Prerequisites: None)

Working with Diverse Families and Children

CDEV1240    3.00 credits
Course Outline
Examines how to work with many types of families. Investigates the importance of the family/school partnership, study methods of effectively communicating with families, and identify community organizations and networks that support families. Various classroom strategies will be explored emphasizing culturally and linguistically appropriate anti-bias approaches supporting all children in becoming competent members of a diverse society. (Prerequisites: None)

Observation and Assessment 1

CDEV1260    1.00 credits
This course introduces students to the most common observation methods used in early childhood programs. It will explore the fundamentals of using observation and evaluation techniques. (Prerequisites: None)

Learning Environment & Curriculum

CDEV1270    3.00 credits
Course Outline
This course presents an overview of skills to provide appropriate learning environments for young children. It examines the role of the teacher in providing learning experiences to meet each child's needs, capabilities, and interests, and ways to implement the principles of developmentally appropriate practices. (Prerequisite: None)