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Associate in Arts Department Overview

Mission of Liberal Arts & Sciences

The Mission of South Central College Associate in Arts Department is to broaden the awareness, knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values of students to be successful in life and work.

Philosophy of the Associate in Arts Department

Students: We believe that the individual learner has intrinsic worth, the ability to learn, and the need to learn.  Learners are active agents in the process of developing professional and personal competence, and faculty work to help learners assume responsible roles in life.  At SCC we honor diversity among students; we believe diversity is part of what contributes to a strong society and a true democracy.

Students and Faculty: We believe in the importance of continual and life-long learning among the learners and the practitioners of Liberal Arts & Sciences.  Faculty members continue their intellectual and professional growth through professional advancement activities, including discipline-specific conferences and workshops.

Program: The Associate in Arts program offerings at SCC are regularly reviewed and challenged for relevance and validity. We believe that the Associate in Arts program provides essential life skills, prepares 4-year bound students for transfer, and enhances technical education by exposing students to a broader perspective beyond their core field of study. 

Values of Associate in Arts Department

  • Individuality and diversity of learners
  • Partnership of students and faculty in the learning community
  • Life-long learning
  • Continuous assessment and improvement of student learning, instructional techniques, and program services
  • Integration of knowledge through collaboration with colleagues in the technical programs and colleagues at other educational institutions
  • Service to the community of SCC and the world beyond

AA Concentration Options

South Central College has developed several concentrations to help you focus your liberal arts education while at our college.  A concentration in the Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree allows you to meet the requirement of the A.A., meet transfer requirements, and focus on a particular academic discipline. While the concentration might not meet all the first two years of requirements for a baccalaureate degree in the discipline, it will prepare you for the upper division study in the field. And, you get to focus on the topic you are interested in.

These concentrations include:

  • Communication
  • English
  • Fine Arts
  • History
  • Psychology

Please see your advisor for additional information about the AA concentrations.

Associate in Arts Majors