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Agribusiness Department Overview

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Agribusiness is one of Minnesota’s most important industries and provides a variety of related career opportunities. South Central College has designed a number of ag-specific educational programs that prepare students to contribute to this industry based upon a well-rounded understanding of current ag concepts, innovations and trends.

The agribusiness faculty at South Central believe in and utilize a focused, hands-on approach toward learning that puts students first.  The faculty is not only concerned about your education, they are focused on providing you with the opportunities to learn and grow in order for you to succeeding ultimate employment and career success.

Many agricultural students go directly into the workforce after completing courses at South Central College or while other continue on with their education.  Should you decide to transfer to a four-year college after completing your courses or program at South Central College, there are several options available to you.  SCC has entered into several unique partnerships to help students transfer seamlessly into ag-related majors at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, University of Minnesota – Crookston and Southwest Minnesota State University – Marshall.

South Central College's Agribusiness Programs
Agribusiness Service Technician
: With both gasoline and diesel equipment and vehicle maintenance becoming increasingly complex, expert technicians are in high demand. Graduates from the Service Technician program are prepared to work with farm equipment, food processing companies, independent repair shops, trucking and bus companies as well as related diesel industries.

Agribusiness Production: Given the increasing focus on productivity, efficiency and consolidation, formal training is almost a requirement for anyone interested in production agriculture. With emphasis in both plant and animal production, our Agribusiness Production program will prepare you for a career as a self-employed farmer or a farm manager.

Agribusiness Service & Management: A wide variety of Agribusinesses need individuals to deliver services and sell their products. The Service & Management program will prepare you for a career with fertilizer and ag chemical companies, farm cooperatives, feed suppliers, grain elevators, farm service and supply centers, and other ag-related enterprises.

Agribusiness Office Specialist/Manager: South Central College’s agribusiness and Office Administration and Technology programs have joined together to offer an Agribusiness Office Specialist/Manager degree. Individuals with this combination of skills can work in a variety of agricultural office settings including modern faarm operations, ag lenders, implement dealers, farm and home retail operations and government agencies.

Ag Chemical Applicator Technician: The use of sophisticated, high tech chemical application equipment provides many opportunities for trained technicians. South Central College will prepare you for a position with farm cooperatives, fertilizer suppliers and herbicide companies.

Professional Swine Manager: South Central Agribusiness has worked with The National Pork Board and industry leaders to develop a certificate program for production technicians and managers. The certificate is focused on the skills and knowledge needed to lead a production team in producing 21st century food products in the safest, most humane and environmentally sound way 
as possible.

Viticulture: Viticulture is the science, production and study of grapes, especially for wine production. Grape production is expanding in Minnesota and this certificate program will address the establishment and management of vineyards. The program is offered in cooperation with the Viticulture & Enology Science & Technology Alliance (VESTA).

Agriculture Education Technology: The shortage of qualified agricultural educators was the catalyst for the creation of unique partnerships between South Central College and a select few regional four-year institutions. These “2 + 2” programs enable you to complete your first two years at South Central College and then apply your earned credits toward a four-year degree in Ag Education at  the University of Minnesota, either at their Twin Cities campus or on the U of M – Crookston campus. SCC also has a similar articulation agreement with Southwest Minnesota State – Marshall.  Credits may also be transferable to other colleges as well.

Job Outlook
As Minnesota’s largest industry, Agribusiness career opportunities continue to increase across the board. According to the 2013-2014 Agribusiness Human Resources Review™, 65% of US ag companies are expecting to increase their workforce in the next two years. Correspondingly, compensation is increasing as 98% of companies surveyed indicated that all or at least some staff would be likely to receive a salary increase.

Scholarship Opportunities
South Central College Agribusiness Department is dedicated to preparing college men and women for careers in agriculture. Agriculture is a diverse, challenging, exciting industry. It needs people who have a passion for the importance of the industry and are excited about the promising future it offers. SCC Agribusiness Department serves approximately 100 students from across southern Minnesota. The teaching philosophy of the agribusiness faculty of SCC is an aggressive "hands-on-approach" to learning. A goal of the department is students first and for each student to have success in gaining employment At the 2004 National Agriculture Educators Convention, South Central College Agribusiness Program was named the National Region III "Outstanding Post Secondary Agriculture Program.”

Core Competencies

  1. Demonstrate effective participation on an agribusiness team

Department Faculty

T.J. Brown,   Don Hermanson,   Pete Neigebauer,   Denise Reeser,   Kelly Schmidt,   Bruce White,   Jim Zwaschka