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Multimedia Technology - Associate of Science

60 Credits
AS 3284
Degree Description
Here is a list of courses required to earn the Multimedia Technology Associate of Science

Admission Dates: Fall and Spring Semester

Offered on the North Mankato Campus
The course requirements listed below are specific to the 2017-2018 school year. If you need to view the program from previous years view our Catalog Archive.

Required Courses (6 Courses)

Complete the following courses:
GCC 1120 Graphic Software 1 (4 Credits)
GCC 1130 Layout and Typography (3 Credits)
GCC 1220 Graphic Software 2 (4 Credits)
GCC 2150 Web/Interactive Media 2 (3 Credits)
GCC 2250 Web/Interactive Media 3 (3 Credits)
COMP1140 Web for Business (3 Credits)

Complete two of the following courses: (2 Courses)

MKT 1810 Principles of Marketing (3 Credits)
MKT 1820 Introduction to Business (3 Credits)
MKT 1840 Principles of Advertising (3 Credits)

Internship/Capstone (4 Credits)

Complete 4 credits of one or a combination of the following two courses:
MULT2295 Multimedia Technology Internship (1 - 4 Credits)
MULT2285 Multimedia Technology Capstone (1 - 4 Credits)

Required Liberal Arts and Sciences (6 Courses)

To complete the Multimedia Technology AS Degree, students must complete 30 MNTC credits from 6 of the 10 MNTC Goal Areas.

The following courses are required:
ENGL100 Composition (4 Credits)
COMM110 Public Speaking (3 Credits)
ART 140 Digital Photography (3 Credits)
ART 170 Digital Video Production (3 Credits)
ART 180 Digital Photography 2 (3 Credits)
ART 270 Digital Video Production 2 (3 Credits)
MASS110 Introduction to Mass Communication (4 Credits)
PHIL100 Ethics in Society (3 Credits)
PHIL215 Business Ethics (3 Credits)

Liberal Arts and Sciences Electives

Select an additional 11-12 credits to fulfill three other MNTC Goal Areas (MNTC Goals 2,3,4,5,7,8,10).
PLEASE NOTE: All program plans are preliminary and curriculum may change without notice. Your catalog of record may have different requirements.