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Visual Arts - Associate of Fine Arts

60 Credits
AFA 3514
Degree Description

South Central College's Associate of Fine Arts Degree (AFA) in Visual Arts is a combination of liberal arts courses and foundation courses in Art and Art History.  The AFA provides first and second year art courses leading to the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  Students desiring a two-year AFA degree for job placement or enhancement, as well as those returning to school for enrichment purposes, will also benefit from this degree.  Studio Art majors will graduate with experience across a substantial number of studio disciplines and develop a strong, creative direction of thier choosing.  Students enrolling in this curriculum are urged to meet with an academic advisor each semester to review course selections and transfer plans.

An articulation agreement exists providing direct transfer into the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Admission Dates: Fall and Spring Semester

Offered on the North Mankato Campus
The course requirements listed below are specific to the 2017-2018 school year. If you need to view the program from previous years view our Catalog Archive.

Required Courses (11 Courses)

Complete the following courses:
ART 110 Art Structure (3 Credits)
ART 115 Three Dimensional Design (3 Credits)
ART 150 Drawing I (3 Credits)
ART 201 Art History I (3 Credits)
ART 202 Art History II (3 Credits)
ENGL100 Composition (4 Credits)
PHIL130 Logic (4 Credits)

Required MSU-Mankato Courses (12 Credits)

Up to 12 additional credits will be taken at Minnesota State University, Mankato. See your Advisor for more information. ART 103, ART 202, ART 250, ART 290

Elective Courses (15 Credits)

Choose 15 credits from the following courses:
ART 120 Metal Art (3 Credits)
ART 125 Sculpture (3 Credits)
ART 130 Painting (3 Credits)
ART 135 Introduction to Watercolor (3 Credits)
ART 140 Digital Photography (3 Credits)

Additional MnTC Goal Area 1 Course (1 Course)

Complete one of the following courses:
COMM110 Public Speaking (3 Credits)
COMM130 Intercultural Communication (3 Credits)
COMM140 Interpersonal Communication (3 Credits)

Additional MnTC Goal 3 Course (6 Credits)

Choose 6-7 credits from the following MnTC Goal Area 3 courses:
( Credit)
BIOL162 Human Biology (4 Credits)
BIOL211 Genetics (4 Credits)
BIOL220 Human Anatomy (4 Credits)
BIOL225 Anatomy and Physiology I (4 Credits)
BIOL235 Anatomy and Physiology II (4 Credits)
BIOL230 Human Physiology (4 Credits)
BIOL240 Pathophysiology (3 Credits)
BIOL270 Microbiology (4 Credits)
CHEM101 The Chemistry of Everything (3 Credits)
CHEM108 Introduction to Chemistry (4 Credits)
BIOL100 Introduction to Biology (4 Credits)
CHEM110 Chemistry for the Health Sciences (4 Credits)
CHEM120 Principles of Chemistry I (5 Credits)
CHEM220 Organic Chemistry I (5 Credits)
CHEM121 Principles of Chemistry II (5 Credits)
GEOG101 Introduction to Physical Geography (3 Credits)
GEOG104 Introduction to Weather and Climate (3 Credits)
PHYS101 Introductory Physics (3 Credits)
PHYS211 Principles in Physics I (4 Credits)
PHYS212 Principles in Physics II (4 Credits)
PHYS221 General Physics I (4 Credits)
BIOL101 Introduction to Ecology (4 Credits)
PHYS222 General Physics II (4 Credits)

Additional MnTC Goal 5 Course (3 Credits)

Choose 3 credits from the following MnTC Goal Area 5 courses:
( Credit)
GEOG103 Introduction to Cultural Geography (3 Credits)
GEOG200 Special Topics in Geography: (3 Credits)
HIST120 U.S. History I (4 Credits)
HIST121 U. S. History II (4 Credits)
HIST160 World History I (4 Credits)
HIST161 World History II: The Rise of the West (4 Credits)
HIST162 World History III: The Twentieth Century (4 Credits)
HIST205 Special Topics in History: (1 - 4 Credits)
POL 110 American Government (3 Credits)
PSYC100 Introduction to Psychology (4 Credits)
ANTH100 Introduction to Anthropology (4 Credits)
PSYC110 Lifespan Psychology (3 Credits)
PSYC140 Psychology of Positive Adjustment (4 Credits)
PSYC210 Social Psychology (4 Credits)
PSYC220 Health Psychology (4 Credits)
PSYC230 Abnormal Psychology (4 Credits)
PSYC240 Child and Adolescent Psychology (4 Credits)
PSYC250 Industrial Organizational Psychology (4 Credits)
PSYC280 Special Topics in Psychology: (4 Credits)
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology (4 Credits)
SOC 106 Introduction to Criminal Justice (4 Credits)
ANTH121 Cultural Anthropology (4 Credits)
SOC 110 Social Problems (3 Credits)
SOC 201 Marriage and Family (3 Credits)
SOC 205 Special Topics in Sociology: (3 Credits)
SOC 206 Juvenile Delinquency (3 Credits)
SOC 210 Social Stratification - Who Gets What and Why? (3 Credits)
SOC 251 Criminology and Criminal Behavior (4 Credits)
SOC 259 Drugs and Society (3 Credits)

Additional MnTC Goal 6 Course (3 Credits)

Choose 3-4 credits from MnTC Goal Area 6 that is NOT an ART course:
ART 100 Art Appreciation (3 Credits)
ART 150 Drawing I (3 Credits)
ART 155 Visual Narrative (3 Credits)
ART 165 Public Art (3 Credits)
ART 170 Digital Video Production (3 Credits)
ART 180 Digital Photography 2 (3 Credits)
ART 201 Art History I (3 Credits)
ART 202 Art History II (3 Credits)
ART 250 Drawing II (3 Credits)
ART 270 Digital Video Production 2 (3 Credits)
ENGL110 Introduction to Literature (4 Credits)
ART 110 Art Structure (3 Credits)
ENGL111 Introduction to Film (4 Credits)
ENGL120 Human Diversity in Literature and Film (4 Credits)
ENGL130 World Literature and Film (4 Credits)
ENGL140 British Literature (4 Credits)
ENGL150 Introduction to Poetry (4 Credits)
ENGL160 Introduction to Short Story (4 Credits)
ENGL205 Special Topics in Literature & Film: (4 Credits)
ENGL206 Children's Literature (4 Credits)
ENGL208 African American Literature (4 Credits)
ENGL210 Introduction to Creative Writing (4 Credits)
ART 115 Three Dimensional Design (3 Credits)
ENGL220 Creative Writing: Fiction (4 Credits)
ENGL230 Creative Writing: Screen Writing (4 Credits)
HUM 111 Introduction to Film (4 Credits)
HUM 121 Introduction to the Humanities (4 Credits)
HUM 122 Introduction to Humanities II (4 Credits)
HUM 150 Global Connections Travel Seminar (1 Credit)
HUM 205 Special Topics in the Humanities: (1 - 4 Credits)
HUM 250 Global Connections Travel Seminar II (1 - 3 Credits)
MUSC100 Music in the Global Culture (3 Credits)
MUSC121 Class Guitar (2 Credits)
ART 120 Metal Art (3 Credits)
MUSC131 Music Theory 1 (2 Credits)
MUSC141 Vocal Ensemble - Concert Choir (1 Credit)
PHIL100 Ethics in Society (3 Credits)
PHIL105 World Religions (4 Credits)
PHIL110 Philosophy and Popular Culture (3 Credits)
PHIL150 Medical Ethics (3 Credits)
PHIL205 Special Topics in Philosophy: (1 - 3 Credits)
THTR100 Introduction to Theater (3 Credits)
THTR110 Introduction to Acting I (3 Credits)

Choose one course from MnTC Goal Areas 7,9 or 10 (1 Course)

that is NOT in MnTC Goal Area 6. Course must be chosen in consultation with your Advisor.
PLEASE NOTE: All program plans are preliminary and curriculum may change without notice. Your catalog of record may have different requirements.