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Mechatronics Engineering Technology - Associate of Applied Science Degree

60 Credits
AAS 3470
Degree Description

Mechatronics is a relatively new and rapidly growing field that integrates electronics, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics, and computer control systems to create new and improved automated manufacturing production systems. This program is designed for people who are interested in plant maintenance, set up, installation, and assembly. These jobs are found in medical, electronics, agriculture, biotechnology, and automotive industries.

Admission Dates: Fall and Spring Semester

Offered on the North Mankato Campus
The course requirements listed below are specific to the 2019-2020 school year. If you need to see this program from previous years view our Catalog Archive.

Required Technical Courses (16 Courses)

Select the following courses:
CMAE1518 Manufacturing Process and Production (2 Credits)
CMAE1514 Safety Awareness (2 Credits)
CMAE1526 Maintenance Awareness (2 Credits)
CMAE1522 Quality Practices (2 Credits)
MECA1122 Electricity - Devices and Circuits I (3 Credits)
MECA1222 Electricity - Devices and Circuits II (3 Credits)
MECA1223 Mechanical Systems 1 (3 Credits)
MECA1250 Mechatronics Systems Operations I (3 Credits)
MECA2110 Sensors and Control (3 Credits)
MECA2120 Fluid Power 1 (3 Credits)
MECA2123 Mechanical Systems 2 (3 Credits)
MECA2130 Fluid Power II (3 Credits)
MECA2150 Mechatronics Systems Operations II (3 Credits)
MECA2235 Robotics (3 Credits)
MECA2240 Senior Project (1 - 5 Credits)
MECA2250 Mechatronics Systems Operations III (3 Credits)

Required Liberal Arts and Sciences (4 Courses)

To earn an AAS degree, students must complete 15 MNTC credits in 3 of the 10 MNTC goal areas.

The following courses are required:
ENGL100 Composition (4 Credits)
ENGL240 Technical Communication (4 Credits)
PHYS101 Introductory Physics (3 Credits)
MATH120 College Algebra (4 Credits)
PLEASE NOTE: All program plans are preliminary and curriculum may change without notice. Your catalog of record may have different requirements.