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Agribusiness Service and Management - Associate of Applied Science Degree Course Descriptions

Agricultural Selling Skills

AGBS1100    3.00 credits
This course covers the basic and advanced principles and techniques used in selling agricultural merchandise and services. Agricultural Sales has taken on increased importance in recent years. The introduction of new products and services has magnified the need for technically competent knowledgeable sales personnel. Role-playing and advanced, in-depth sales presentations will be done in class. Students will also be required to make an industry visit and write appropriate letters. (Prerequisites: None)

Agribusiness Financial Management

AGBS2150    4.00 credits
This course covers major aspects of agribusiness from financial management through financial problem solving, analysis, and planning. Students will apply economic and financial concepts by creating balance sheets, income statements, cash flows, inventory controls, and budgets. Students will have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in a computerized farm supply business simulation. Students will also develop management skills needed to be an effective agribusiness manager. (Prerequisites: AGEC 1100)

Introduction to Agricultural Economics

AGEC1100    3.00 credits
Course Outline
This course is an introduction to agricultural economics. Economic concepts of the food, fiber, and fuel industry will be explored though problem solving exercises and graphical analysis. Consumer and business behavior will be analyzed under various market and regulatory conditions, with major focus spent on determining changes to equilibrium of aggregate supply and demand curves. Both microeconomic and macroeconomic factors will be defined and discussed in relation to global and local agribusiness value chains, including many factors affecting farmers in the American Midwest. (Prerequisite: None)

Commodity Marketing Principles

AGEC2400    3.00 credits
Course Outline
This course covers the principles of agricultural commodity marketing, including cash, forward, futures, and options contracts. Economic impacts on supply, demand, and equilibrium pricing for commodities will be explored. Students will participate in simulated marketing transactions and track local and terminal market pricing. (Prerequisite: AGEC 1100)

Agricultural Technology Seminar

AGRI2700    2.00 credits
Course Outline
This seminar will provide students the opportunity to self-direct studies in agricultural technology in their areas of interest. Technologies to be considered could include but, are not limited to, plant protection, precision farming, application industries, livestock equipment, bio-technologies, financial resource management, sustainable agriculture, environmental impacts of agriculture, agricultural workforce, and agricultural production. Some organized events will be part of this course. The major emphasis will be self-directed learning. (AGEC 2400 or Instructor Permission)

Livestock Production Principles

ANSC1100    3.00 credits
Course Outline
This course covers animal production history and economic impact, breed development, animal anatomy and physiology, animal product features, gland and hormone functions, growth and lactation physiology, environmental animal production factors, and animal research. Course will focus on disease prevention and the means required to promote productive livestock production. Some time will be spent on analyzing specific diseases, describing symptoms, and treatment. (Prerequisites: None)

Soils I

PLSC1100    3.00 credits
Course Outline
This course has a lecture and a lab component. Areas of study will include the physical properties, chemical properties, biological properties, soil formation, classification, essential nutrient and soil survey. There will be emphasis on soil and water conservation and practices that can be used to reduce soil erosion. Evaluations of soil samples will be conducted in the agribusiness lab and in the field. (Prerequisites: None)

Agronomy I

PLSC1300    2.00 credits
Course Outline
This course covers agronomy principles for midwest crops. The course covers basic components of plant growth, seed quality, plant parts, plant growth and development, plant classification, maturity systems and seeding rates. Corn and soybean production will be major crops of consideration. (Prerequisites: None)

Ag Orientation

SGAG1000    1.00 credits
Course Outline
Students will become oriented to the careers in agriculture related to the specific filed they plan to enter. Completion of interviews of industry professionals will be required and students will need to write a career plan relating to the path they have been oriented. (Prerequisite: None)

Agribusiness Internship

AGRI2780    1 - 9 credits
Course Outline
This course is a cooperative educational program between the student, faculty and the internship site/business. Students will apply competencies gained from previous coursework into an agribusiness industry workplace. Specific tasks to be completed by the student and will be identified in an individual training plan developed by the student, faculty and internship supervisor. Each training plan is specific to the individual student and business enterprise where the student is employed. (Prerequisite: Instructor Permission)